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If you’re reading this blog on 7 Digital Works, you’re most likely sitting in front of a screen with a browser open or on a phone. And if you’re sitting in front of a browser with time to spare, we are going to make the assumption that you are not intimidated by new technology.
For many people, those two assumptions would be false. But thanks to our shrinking world and an increase in global network connectivity, it’s never been easier for anyone anywhere to reach out to their customer online from home.
The world is also changing the way we communicate. Mark Zuckerberg may not be our next President, but his influence on our daily lives is irrefutable. Many of us check Facebook before Google and Twitter before Facebook.

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” – Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

There are essentially two kinds of marketing – digital and non-digital. Non-digital marketing includes traditional marketing methods like television, radio, newspaper, and even word of mouth (the best form of advertisement). Think of the time duration you spend on your social media, We are pretty sure you must have noticed ads with respect to your liking, Google and Facebook are two leading market sellers of data. Your data is being sold to marketing companies. This is how marketing fires up business.

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